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Rules of the House Mediterraneo

These rules must be followed. failure to do so will result in us having to ask you to leave.

The “Mediterraneo” Guest House is first and foremost the private home of the Schettino family; our home kindly requests that guests (not clients, but guests) treat it with the same respect they would treat their own home or those of friends and relatives. Furthermore, the rules to follow are not only those warranted by law, but quite simply, those dictated by common sense and mutual respect. The owner of the home will give you the keys to his house, so please close the gate every time you enter or go out.

Reception is not available at all hours of the day, like in a hotel; when making reservations please let us know your expected arrival time so we can be on hand to greet you. Please let us know if the arrival time changes in route to avoid no one being here to greet you when you arrive. No complaints will be accepted if you fail to notify us. We don't make Check.in late in the night, in that case we prefer you cancel your reservation. Upon arrival each guest must give the owner a valid identity document so it can be registered as required by Italian law. Failure to do so constitutes a violation of the penal code on our part against the Public Security Authority; therefore we cannot accommodate people without proper documents. Our guest's personal details are handled in compliance with current privacy laws. Rooms are available from 2:00 pm; if the room is ready before the check-in time you will be allowed to enter, if not you are welcome to leave your luggage with us until it is ready. Top

You are welcome to leave your bags with us on departure day until 5:00 pm; there is a risk that no one will be here to wait on you if you show up later to pick up your bags. You must leave your room no later than 11:00 am in order for us to have time to clean thoroughly. If you fail to be out by 11.00 am, you will be charged for another night. Please be sure to return the gate and room keys on your day of departure. Please let us know at least one day before your departure if you plan on checking out before 8:00 am. Top

We ask that you take care at all times to avoid any conduct, activity, games, and use of devices that could disturb the other guests. Adults are responsible for the behaviour of their children. You must always behave in a manner that does not cause disturbance to the tranquillity of others. Guests are not required to answer the doorbell or telephone. Please do not slam doors; if you come in late close the front gate and close the door to your room quietly so you don’t disturb others who may be already sleeping.

The room furnishings are simple. Although these furnishings are not of great value, they are "family property" and deserve due respect. Any damages related to furniture, furnishings, or equipment will be adequately assessed with the business owner for reimbursement. All our rooms have a private bathroom and just like all houses in Capri, hot water is produced with a water heater therefore please avoid wasting water. You will find everything you need in the room and bathroom: Blankets, pillows, towels, soap, etc. It is strictly forbidden to remove anything from the rooms, bathrooms, or anything inside the apartment (e.g. towels etc.) Sheets (provided clean at the beginning of your stay) will be changed once a week and towels will be changed 3 times a week. Bedrooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily during your stay from 8.00 am to 11:45 am. We kindly ask our guests to leave their rooms free during those times; rooms that are occupied during those times will be cleaned the following day. Please keep all areas clean and tidy. Take care to shut off the lights, air conditioner, and television when you are not in the room/building. WE WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE IN ANY WAY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE TO YOUR PROPERTY LEFT IN THE ROOMS therefore we kindly ask you not to leave any valuable goods out in your room but to secure them in the safe found in the room. Do not throw foreign objects down the toilet. Do not clog the toilet with diapers, paper, or other bulky material. Use the appropriate bins. Costs for any purging will be billed to the Client. Sorry-not pets are allowed on the premises. Top

Under no circumstances can the numbers of guests exceed the number reserved if not agreed on in advance. We reserve the right to deny entrance to the accommodation if these conditions are not complied with. Guests may not have visitors, relatives, friends, etc. if not agreed on with the owners. Top

Reservation requests may be made by telephone, email, or fax. Please indicate how many and what type of room you would like, your full name, arrival and departure date, and contact information (telephone, fax, or email). Please indicate your arrival time (see Art.1). Your reservation will be confirmed only after receiving your reservation request with a deposit or valid credit card information. 2 night minimum stay. However, one-night stays may be accepted. Reservations may be cancelled 7 days before your arrival; for cancellations made less than 7 days in advance, the price of a one-night stay will be charged. No show: No-shows, without prior notification, will be a charged a one (1) night penalty fee. Top

The balance of the room should be paid in cash and is due on arrival. The balance may also be paid by credit card. Please note that Travellers’ checks and checks are not accepted. Top

These Rules are an integral part of the Reservation Form, for anything not explicitly mentioned; reference will be made to current regulations, good taste, and common sense in everyone's best interest.

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